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Multi-Cycle Package Program

Consistent with our commitment to our patient population, Health Access Network (HAN) Fertility Center is pleased to offer the “Multi-Cycle Package” Program. Our patients have peace of mind knowing that they will receive the highest quality of fertility care at the most affordable pricing when they commit to a “Multi-Cycle Package”. Patients are more relaxed from the onset with the knowledge that they have multiple chances to achieve a pregnancy and take home a baby. This positive mind frame can certainly remove some of the stress related to infertility management.

Since it is well documented that multiple IVF cycles may be needed to achieve an ongoing pregnancy, the advantage of a “Multi-Cycle Package” is obvious. By making IVF treatment more affordable per cycle, we essentially encourage the use of repeat cycles to achieve pregnancy, if needed. To date, patient response to these packages has been overwhelming.

The CDC surveillance data analysis of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) within the US suggests that success rates improve dramatically when IVF treatment is adopted as a course of treatment rather than a one time attempt. However, multiple IVF cycles might be cost prohibitive for some patient couples. Continuing our history of caring for our patients in every aspect, The HAN Fertility Center has developed several “Multi-Cycle Package” plans designed to make quality fertility healthcare finally affordable. The package plans vary and can include from one to three fresh IVF cycles and up to 2 frozen embryo transfer treatments. Special pricing has been designed to assist in accommodating your individual budget. The “Multi-Cycle Package” Program requires that the patient couple pre–pays for the desired package.

Patient couples who consent to the “Multi-Cycle Package” will be treated for up to 12 months for the 2 cycle package and up to 16 months for the three cycle package. In order to increase the chances of pregnancy and to exploit the chances of every fresh IVF trial, each program offers the use of cryopreserved (frozen) embryos. Approximately 40% of couples undergoing IVF services will have viable excess embryos and therefore, an opportunity to cryopreserve (freeze) them. The cryopreservation of embryos will incur no additional fee, however, the embryo storage fee will be $600/year paid each quarter ($150/quarter). Both the 2 and 3 fresh IVF cycle packages include up to 2 frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles at no additional cost. The Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs) must be completed within the 12 month and 16 month treatment windows for the 2 and 3 fresh cycle packages, respectively.